Robin graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, OR in spring of 2011. She went on to become a certified Medical Massage Practitioner and has had advanced training in cupping and trigger point therapies, Thai/sport massage, and other modalities. Robin is also a doula and can provide professional support for expectant mothers through all stages of pregnancy, as well as accommodate for both deep tissue and light pressure massages.


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State of Wellness offers the finest quality holistic health strategies and massage therapy services in the downtown Vancouver, WA area.


Tailored Massage

Our service comes with hot stones and towels to help you relax and relieve stress. Additionally, you can choose from different aromatherapy options to tailor your experience to your specific needs on the day of your visit.

Personalized Massage

Our massages are personalized to meet your unique needs, whether for relaxation, deep tissue treatment, sports therapy, or a combination of techniques, all without any extra costs.

Add On Services

We offer various options to enhance your experience and leave you rejuvenated, including dry brushing, hot oil scalp massage, a spa hand or foot treatment, a detox foot treatment, and a Solitude add-on for uninterrupted rest or meditation after your massage.

Every massage is personalized to your needs and includes hot stones, hot towels, and doTERRA aromatherapy. We can provide any combination of relaxation, deep tissue work, sports therapy, and various other modalities at no additional cost. If you are interested in cupping and energy work, just ask your therapist.

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